The highest level of food safety has been confirmed by certificates that you can see below:

  IFS GDO/20/518                HACCP -AGG-160

 Few words about the FSSC standard, the newest and currently the highest level of food safety. FSSC is a standard that is recognized by the Global Food Safety Initiative – GFSI is a combination of two extremely demanding standards: 1) ISO 22000: 2005, which represents a safety management system food with the application of HACCP principles2) PAS 220: 2008 which is previously necessary software and all the security requirements that companies must meet in order to be possible to produce a healthy product. Application FSSC is a sign that the company applies all the security systems before, during and after production and the product code of the existence of this system is completely safe for consumers.FSSC standard was developed by the Foundation for Food Safety Certification (The Foundation for Food Safety Certification). FSSC contains a complete scheme for the certification of food safety systems based on ISO 22000: 2005 standard for the management of food safety and PAS 220: 2008 Publicly Available Specification for pre-needed program of food safety. The standard has been recognized by the GFSI (The Global Food Safety Initiative) – a foundation that adapts to standard criteria for food safety is developing mechanisms for the exchange of information within the supply chain in order to protect consumers. The standards are comparable to the requirements of the GFSI www.globalfoodsafetyinitiative.com.ISO 22000 is the new international standard for comprehensive management systems in food safety. It defines a set of general requirements for health food safety that apply to all organizations in the food chain. The standard aims to improve food safety and thereby ensure consumer protection. ISO 22000 uses generally accepted methods of management in food safety, such as interactive communication via the food chain, management system, control of risks to health safety of food through the PRP and HACCP plans. ISO 22000 standard has three parts: Requests for GMP or prerequisite programs, requirements for HACCP principles of the Codex Alimentarius, a request for the system managment ..PAS 220 is a standard that includes requirements related to the previously required programs necessary to ensure the health safety of products.