“Sedef” is determined to became a leader in the production of Turkish delight and jelly candies in Serbia, which will be achieved by continually improving the performance of the food safety management system and  HACCP system, based on standards IFS Food, ISO 22000:2005 , as well as fulfilling the requests , needs and expectations of buyers and consumers, by putting special emphasis on product’s health quality. A safe product will be, in view of quality, organoleptic and nutritional characteristics satisfy the taste of our buyers and consumers.


The leader’s position in the Serbian market in the production of Turkish delight and jelly candies we want to achieve, maintain and strenghten by respecting the folowing principles:


  • Continiously increase of  buyer’s and consumer’s pleasure with “Sedef” products
  • Building and strenghtening partner’s relationship with deliveres through common problem-sssssolvsssolving and knowledge solving and knowledge and experience exchange in order to upgrade product’s quality and safety, as well as the service provided
  • developing the organizational culture by which we established common norms and values, as well as the way our employees work together (value, knowledge and information transfer), so we can be prepared to answer our customer’s and employee’s needs at any time
  • respecting the individual values of employees and systematic investment in them: enable to every employee improvement in their profession and advancement in accordance with their potentials and work results. We develop training program and team work which are the most important things for successful implementation of standards and achieving excellence and competitiveness
  • applying preventive methods to secure hygiene management and HACCP
  • environmental responsibility through respecting the principles, laws and regulations , saving the environment with minimalisation of waste and environmental risks
  • respecting the codes, laws, propositions and standards which are related to products and processes within the entire food chain with active cooperation with local government and associations
  • monitoring and application of modern knowledge and technologies in the production of Turkish delight and jelly candies focused on work processes improvement and insurance health and safety products

Mangement mission is to plan and set measurable aims in all organizational parts, to control achieved and to set higher standards.

Management will permanently review and improve Policy of health and safety products so that the development and business are in accordance with requests of domestic and international standards.


Our employees are obligated to conduct their activities within the IFS Food and ISO 22000:2005 standards and HACCP concept based on Codex Alimentarius Commision CAC/RCP 1-1969, Rev. 4-2003, request specification, and to strive to a constant improvement of their efficiency, in order to reach the constitutes of Product Safety Policy.


Kragujevac, 01.11.2017.                                                                                 Srđan Luković, CEO